SeeLess Solutions Line Card

Architectural Bevel & Flush Fixtures

For those looking for a modern sleek design, Powerfull Systems offers gypsum-based in-wall mounts made by SeeLess Solutions. SeeLess mounts are designed to house a variety of wall and ceiling components flush and unobtrusive within a wall, ceiling, or other surface, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish for any smart-home installation. Manufactured locally by SeeLess Solutions, these products are available in a wide variety of in-wall mounts designed to accommodate many different lines of receptacles, light switches, outlets, keypads, dimmers, thermostats, and smoke detectors offered by Nest, Honeywell, Lutron, Control4, and many others. Made from gypsum with aluminum components, components are easily incorporated into new construction or part of a remodeling project. The fixtures can be painted and molded to become one with the surrounding surface. A variety of options are available, including rounded or sharp corners, recess depth, etc.
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