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Legrand: Lighting the World

Legrand North America (established 1984) is the largest division of Legrand – the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Legrand is headquartered in Limoges, France and is present in more than 90 countries, with a total workforce of over 36,000.

Legrand offers a variety of electrical solutions, including:

  • Electrical Wiring Systems (accessories, boxes, receptacles, switches, wire mesh grips, lighting controls, connectors, and more)
  • Building Control Systems (digital lighting management, human centric lighting, sensors, panels, dimmers, timers, and more)
  • Commercial AV (connectivity, cable trays, wall/ceiling/floor boxes, raceways, surge protection devices, and more)
  • Data Communications (copper, fiber optic, rack systems, cabinets, cable pathways, adapters, networking solutions, and more)
  • Power Distribution & Control (switches, controls, cooling solutions, and more)
  • Lighting (switches, controls, outlets, and more)

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