4 Things To Consider When Buying Shades

You’ve just decided that window shades are the better choice for your home window treatment. So where do you next? Do you go online, local home center or specialty shade store? Here are some few things to consider when buying window shades.
  1. Budget. No matter what we desire, it all boils down to how much can you afford. Can you afford a window or the entire house? Shades are priced based on the size, but the styles and texture increases the price as well.
  2. Privacy and Sunlight. How much of these do you desire? Do you want the room to be bright or dark? How much sunlight do you want to come in? This will all depends on what style and fabric you’re going to use in your shades.
  3. Cleaning Time. How much time do you have for cleaning? The materials you choose will depends on how easy it is to clean.
  4. Safety. Having cordless windows will reduce your accident risk especially if you have kids.
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