Personalized Control and Automation Systems

Our Company’s approach to home and office control systems is to make them as simple as they are cutting edge. Imagine having an interface that’s been personally designed to fit your preferences and lifestyle a control that’s as simple to operate as your smartphone or a voice command that’s as simple as talking into a phone. Press a button to dim lights, start your favorite music throughout the house on high quality components, and from anywhere, see who just arrived at the front door. Or, as you return home, have outdoor lights turn on, the garage open and security system disarm. These capabilities are examples of our sophisticated control systems and electronics design services.

A New Level of Comfort and Convenience

Select “Morning” on your smartphone and shades rise, lights come on softly and temperature warms up to exactly where you want.

Exceptional Entertainment Solutions

From ultra-thin displays, to HD movies and streaming music in every room, we bring all your entertainment to life with just a simple touch.

Natural Voice Control

Be in command using the latest innovations even voice control. Speak naturally and call up lighting scenes or start the show, without lifting a finger.

Best in Class Solutions and Brands

We carry only the world’s finest consumer electronics and luxury brands such as Savant, Crestron and Josh for complete, simple control on or off premises. We can deliver touch controls, voice control or a combination of the two. We select based upon your needs, project scope and lifestyle, then integrate with all the electronics in your home or office.

How Can We Help?

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