7 Ways To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Summer heat can be very uncomfortable and be very dangerous. By making some simple changes, you can avoid the heat and cool your house this summer  
  1. Avoid using any appliances that produce heat. Instead of oven and stove, use microwave or order food. Replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Turn off your electronics such as TV and computers if you’re not using them, since it produce a lot of heat.
  2. Shut your blinds and curtains during the day. Close all windows and keep the doors and windows closed throughout the day.
  3. Circulate the air in the house using fan. Set up a fan so that fan sucks up cooler air form from below and blows hot air upwards towards the ceiling.
  4. Let the night cooler air in by opening a window. Open certain windows so that the cold air from outside gets in.
  5. Use smooth cold fabric all over the house. Use satin for pillowcase or just throw white linen over furniture. Using white or light colored fabric doesn’t absorb heat as much as dark fabric and the smooth texture will give you an impression of coolness.
  6. Plant Trees. Trees provide shade for your home and keep the surroundings cooler.
  7. Install Awnings. It provides shades where there’s insufficient roof overhang.
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