Converging Systems Line Card

Converging Systems was founded in 1999 to bring technology-oriented solutions to bear on key industry and marketing-oriented problems. The firms name, “Converging Systems,” relates to hybrid nature of the firms solutions which usually relates to typically three “converging” influences that together and only together can solve a problem. Typically, these solutions integrate a video or graphical user interface, a mechanical or moving component, and an-often invisible communication capability relying on very important bi-directional techniques necessary to provide effective user feedback.

Typically, the firm creates an idea for an innovative, then develops that product and finds a “home” for that product. Alternatively, industry contacts Converging Systems with a request to cooperate with its own initiative. In this case, we are eager to leverage our own experiences and product ideas with those of partner. As a good example of the first approach, our team developed the industry’s first color printer controller in the early 1980s for one particular OEM company. We completed that development and manufactured it for release. Then within just a few years, virtually every OTHER printer company in the world contacted our team to differentiate that (initial) product for their own printer or copier. The rest is history….

Today, we have a number of interesting technologies and products that are targeted into the residential, retail, hospitality, commercial/manufacturing, health care, transportation, industrial and customized OEM/ODM environments. These products in their particular adaptation can be secured from our respective marketing partner or in some cases, we sell those products directly. Our key marketing partners have over 2000 sales locations throughout the United States as well as elsewhere throughout the world. Our products have been installed within the smallest home theater to the largest retail stores in the world, and from the smallest meeting room to some of the tallest high rises in the world.

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