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Hartmann&Forbes® is an award-winning maker of handcrafted, natural windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles, established with the goal of delighting interior designers worldwide by handcrafting natural home furnishings of distinction. We do this with innovative designs, uncompromising quality and exceptional delivery and service.

With designs inspired by nature’s raw beauty and artisanal workmanship that utilizing traditional handweaving and crafting methods, our award-winning windowcoverings, wallcoverings and textiles are made of unique best-of-class natural fibers that are sustainably cultivated in well-managed ecosystems. By offering the industry’s largest collection of natural, handwoven designs for your window and a unique assortment of natural handcrafted wallcoverings with which to coordinate, we can easily help you realize your design aesthetic. Our broad range of designs offers an honest reinterpretation of nature’s raw beauty. A passion for handweaving, design exploration and a lifelong love of nature continues to fuel the evolution of our collections.

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