Integrated LED Line Card

Integrated LED Controls (ILC) was founded by a team of seasoned professionals within the lighting control industry; ILC saw the need to deploy a versatile, simple to integrate, dim and automate LED control system.

ILC’s main objectives are to provide an efficient LED lighting system, provide quality, to help simplify very complex systems for end-users and solve all above challenges. ILC offers a complete solution for single (Mono) color, multi-color (RGB), DMX Fixtures control that can be customized to fit any size job or application.

ILC Products & Solutions:

Lighting Control Driver:
Lighting Control Drivers consist of the ILC-100 and its power supply. The ILC-100 is a color and intensity regulator and acts as a communicator to LEDs. It also allows you to select any hue from a palette of 16.7 million colors. With the ability to dim LED lights at any level, the ILC-100 is the driver to LEDs and keypads.

Communication Adapters:
Communication adapters are devices that translate between lighting systems and LED components. An e-node is the processor that controls the LED lighting by translating 3rd party system devices. IBT-100 is a device that updates the ILC firmware directly by cutting the e-node and communicating directly.

LED Profiles & Lenses:
With an array of profiles and lenses, mounting and design options are truly endless. LED profiles are designed to connect the lighting source to the designated area for install. The aluminum channels also provide secure mounting and an outlet for lenses. Lenses are used for design purposes as to how you want your lighting to look. They provide a stylish and stream lined appearance and can be installed to meet the already designed space. Installation can be under cabinets, inside drawers, at indoor or outdoor floor, at water fountains, in gardens, and many more places.

LED Light Bulbs:
LED lighting has increased in popularity because of its beneficial output. LED bulbs last longer, have lower wattage with the same level of light, and are cost-efficient. Whether you are simply replacing an incandescent bulb or installing a full LED system, LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption that benefit end-users and also the environment.

Accessories are a great way to optimize function, improve overall performance, and simplify use for LED lighting systems. With variations of accessories, installation and design options are endless. Keypads, remotes, and connectors are supplementary devices that can meet further needs of end-users.

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