Mecho Shade Systems Line Card

MechoShade Systems specializes in window coverings and are the creators of the original manual roller shade system.

MechoSystems, as it is known today, has had a deep impact on the evolution of architecture and design for more than a half century.

They are pioneers in the development of solar shading by creating their own shade cloths, designing, and manufacturing hardware and accessories.

The product line today not only includes the original manual MechoShade®, the motorized ElectroShade®, the WhisperTrac® motorized drapery systems, and discrete controls but also cutting-edge daylighting and lighting-control systems, such as MechoLux®, SolarTrac®, and SunDialer®.

Unlike others, MechoSystems welcomes hard-to-solve design and technical challenges, such as the
shading of non-rectangular, sloping, high, wide, monumental, difficult-to-access, and other nonstandard windows.

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