Palladiom Thermostat Performs As Good As It Looks

One of the many new products recently revealed at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego was the Palladiom Thermostat in clear black glass. The thermostat provides HVAC control, while offering a coordinated, sleek aesthetic with other Palladiom products – keypads and accessories.

The Palladiom thermostat in clear black glass is only one of the stylish options in the Palladiom Family of products by Lutron.

What are the features and benefits?

Palladiom Thermostat
• Thermostat aesthetics match with Palladiom keypads (plastic, glass, metal) for a coordinated look throughout the home
• Display and button backlighting adjust automatically for viewing in any light
• Low-profile mounting
• Multi-location HVAC support
• Control/monitoring of temperature from anywhere with the Lutron Connect app
• HVAC as part of system scenes – Home/Away/Vacation/Entertain
• Compatible with QS link for a wired HVAC solution
• Polished Graphite and Clear Black Glass
• Expands options for coordinating aesthetics throughout a home, particularly in kitchens and baths

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