SeeLess Solutions: Aesthetic Architectural Fixture Housings

Powerfull Systems is proud to offer and install SeeLess Solutions products. For a modern sleek design, SeeLess Solutions offers gypsum-based in-wall mounts designed to house a variety of wall and ceiling components flush and unobtrusive, an aesthetically pleasing finish for any smart-home installation.
Manufactured locally, these products are available in a wide variety of in-wall mounts designed to accommodate many different lines of receptacles, including light switches, outlets, keypads, dimmers, thermostats, and smoke detectors. SeeLess in-wall mounts are compatible with products offered by Nest, Honeywell, Lutron, Control4, and many others.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.44.16 PMSeeLess model SLD-1G-062 for double power outlet.

Made from gypsum with aluminum components, the fixtures are easily incorporated into new construction or part of a remodeling project. They can be painted and molded to become one with the surrounding surface. A variety of options are available, including rounded or sharp corners, recess depth, bevel style, and more.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.43.34 PMSeeLess model SLN-TS-750 designed for thermostat controls.

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