Shade Systems: What Are Your Window Covering Goals?

General Needs

Homeowners and interior designers alike who embark on purchasing window coverings need to determine their priorities when choosing window dressings. Below we have outlined many of the top reasons for smart window coverings:

Light control The most common reason for window coverings is for daylight control. Whether you’re wanting to block light from a darkened room, or let light in during the day, window coverings will be a necessity.

Privacy/Blackout Large windows can make a homeowner feel like they are living in a fishbowl. Privacy shades are a necessity for many reasons both in residential and commercial applications. Commercially, blackout shades are a must for healthcare and hospitality projects, while residential applications can provide privacy to homeowners with family members who sleep during the day or have young children.

Reducing Carbon Footprint As we become more conscious of our footprint on this planet, we realize that making the most of daylight in our homes or commercial spaces simply makes sense. Window coverings also help to trap heat, thereby reducing your energy consumption.

Reducing HVAC costs Another benefit to window coverings is the shade from the sun – and its heat. The sun can beat down on your windows, and heat up your house in the summer, causing air conditioning bills to rise.

Wake up naturally The studies of circadian rhythms indicate that our bodies are synchronized with daylight.  Automated shades can be set as an “alarm” to have bedroom shades go up when you need to wake up.

Solar Exposure protection Shades can provide protection to furniture, artwork and other valuables from fading or other damage from constant solar exposure.


We discuss the advantages and options available for automated shading systems, which can be controlled from your home system or hand-held device from practically anywhere.

The convenience of automated shades should not be overlooked. Not only can an occupant electronically raise and lower automated shades from a button on a wall or remote, but with the right system, they can also wirelessly control them from a mobile device, or even voice activation. There are many options for automated shading systems. Not only are there options for the shades themselves, but also for the keypads or remotes. A new favorite on the market for both residential and commercial projects is Lutron Electronic’s Palladiom Wallstations.

These unique illuminated keypads combine elegant design with intuitive operation. The wall stations allow the control of lights, shades/drapes and HVAC from one location, providing optimal user experience.

The more specific you can get about the actual needs for the space, the easier the specification process will be. It is crucial to reflect on how you live and work. Doing so will determine the proper solutions for your needs, be it commercial or residential.

POWERFULL PRO TIP: You can even connect a daylight sensor to your shading system to have your shades automatically raise and lower depending on the current daylight.
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