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Somfy is a manufacturer that specializes in motor control systems; they build their own motors. They are the world leader for automatic movement of all sorts of applications. They provide a range of motor products such as retractable awnings, shades, blinds, projection screens, and rolling shutters. All products have been engineered with design, quality, ease of use, and are enjoyable. Somfy offers the best possible solutions for shading, security, comfort, and convenience all at a press of the button.

Motorized Awnings
Awnings are a great way to bring your deck and patio back to life, but with Somfy’s motorized awnings, you deck or patio will transform into a luxurious space with easy use. You can enhance your life and comfort by choosing a motorized option that retracts and opens at a push of a button.

Awnings Product Line:

  • Standard Awning – awning with exposed fabric
  • Semi Cassette Awning – a standard awning that is enveloped by a cassette which completely covers the fabric. Fabric rolls in while arms stay out
  • Cassette Awning – a standard awning that is enveloped by a cassette which completely covers the fabric. Fabric and arms both retract
  • Window Awning – Mounted to glass façade or a fixed structure


Rolling Shutters
Rolling shutters are a great way to preserve your home and protect your family. Some of the great benefits that rolling shutters provide are security, privacy, they reduce noise, manage artificial light, and optimize energy efficiency.

Rolling Shutter Product Line:

  • Tunnel Box Rolling Shutter – for new building construction. Box is hidden in masonry and fits neatly and naturally
  • Renovation Roller Shutter – for retrofit construction. Mounts on the outside window frame and blends into your façade by virtue
  • Combined Window Shutters – groups the window and shutter together in a single block
  • Accordion Shutters – designed for curved balconies and lanais


Motorized Exterior Solar Screen or Exterior Solar Shade
Solar screens or shades are protectors against the harm of the sun and weather. They absorb heat that is omitted from the sun which cuts your energy consumption in the warmer months of the year and also keeps existing heat in during the colder months. They also reduce glare which gives you more comfort and give you instant privacy.

Solar screen/solar shade product line:

  • Exterior Roller Cassette Screen or Solar Shade – solar screen or shade is concealed in a cassette and secured by side/end rails
  • Open Roller Screen or Shade – solar screen or solar shade is mounted above the window
  • Exterior Roller Screen or Solar Shade – with end retention or side retention system, they protect against weather damage and also pests


Motorized Blinds
Somfy has developed a way to make controlling blinds effortless; you can raise, lower and even tilt them. Motorized blinds take traditional blinds to the next level and eliminate problem shades that are inconvenient.

  • Motorized Natural Wood Horizontal Blinds – wooded blinds are beautiful and add warmth to your home, the down side is that they can be a bit heavy. With a touch of a button you are able to control them and set them to your preference.
  • Motorized Faux Wooded Horizontal Blinds – they provide the same function as natural wood horizontal blinds.
  • Motorized Aluminum Horizontal blinds – provide a lightweight and economical solution to shade a room and you are able to adjust them at a push of a button


Motorized Shades
Somfy has developed a way to make controlling blinds effortless; they provide privacy, glare reduction, and eliminate problem shades. Motorized shades also create a safe and comfortable environment to your home. Somfy also offers additional solutions to motorized shades such as timers, sensors, and even solar charge options.

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