SwitchForm Line Card

Switchform is a California based-company with a long history in the Residential Technology Integration business. The company started in 2013 headed by a Hollywood Screening Room engineer/Crestron Programmer and a Professor/Mechanical Engineer.

The idea came from working in the field with customers who wanted to update their obsolete high-end automation systems but didn’t want to change the dimensions of their touchpanel wall cutouts. Since most automation companies already had their software ported to iPhones/iPods/iPads, the challenge was to be able to elegantly mount an iPod + Decora switches in a standard 2-gang box. In this way, a Smart Home or Smart Building occupant could get all the power of a modern automation system, plus the convenience of preset Decora switches to run their system – without expensive (and often lower performance) touchpanels, separate wall switches and recutting their walls. The question became – how to engineer an iPod and switch hardware so it was as flush to the wall. Years of R&D followed. The ‘look’ had to be in step with high-end interior design. The parts had to be powered from standard automaton or household wiring. Finally, they got all the pieces right and began shipping their first products in 2016. With companies like Apple getting into the Automation industry, Switchform is poised to be a key-player in one of the hottest tech industries.

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