Vantage Line Card

Vantage is a company that specializes in lighting control and automation and presents their products in the simplest and most designed way. They offer luxury products that are driven by their commitment to the ecosystem. Vantage provides energy management solutions to minimize energy consumption and maximize peoples comfort to lighting controls and video/audio controls. Their systems components are fit to install residential areas, commercial settings, or on marine applications. Vantage offers a more luxuries feel to look and design.

Vantage Solutions Include:

Vantage has made it a goal to deliver easy user experience across different interface platforms. The experience that you get from Vantage is one that is consistent, simple to use and intuitive. They engineer each solution to fit your living environment and always available on smart devices such as tablets.

Vantage Products include:

  • Equinox 4 LCD Keypad – Single layer user interface with three mini widgets to control climate, light, and audio
  • Equinox 7 UX – A LCD interface that is a dashboard to the whole system that allows you to control climate, lights, audio, security, cameras, video, and energy scenarios through a multi-widget interface
  • Tablet UX App – Tablet app that allows you to control the same functions as an Equinox 7 UX in a multi-widget interface
  • Mobile UX App – Mobile App that allows you to control through a single widget interface and you can perform the same controls as Equinox 7 and Tablet UX
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