Wireless Home Controls for Beginners

If you’re in interested lighting control for your home but don’t know where to start, or you have a home 2,500 sq ft or less, Caséta Wireless is the answer. Caséta Wireless controls your lights and shades with dimmers, keypads, and wireless remotes, as well as from anywhere in the world with your smart phone. Caséta dimmers install in minutes, work with numerous bulb types – including dimmable LEDs and CFLs, and bring the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips. Whether you would like to control one room, or multiple rooms, Caséta is an easy alternative to a larger home automation system. Caséta offers energy-saving capabilities with wireless control for lighting, shades, thermostats, and fans. With a radius of 60 ft.,Caséta Wireless uses radio frequency with Lutron’s Clear Connect Wireless technology that won’t interfere with other remotes, such as garage door openers. Caséta is perfect for the beginner because it’s scalable.  Start off with a few “smart home ready” Caséta dimmers, then down the road, have the capability to add the Caséta Smartbridge to take full advantage of all that Caséta has to offer. Smartbridge connects to your wifi router, and works best when placed in the middle of the house. After downloading the free Lutron Caséta app, and pairing your devices, you’ll have full control right from your phone–anywhere in the world. Never again walk into a dark house. The geo-location service in the Caséta app gives you the option to have lights turn on when you come within a certain distance from your home. Wake up in the middle of the night and need a glass of water? Use a Pico remote next to your bed to turn on your bathroom or hallway lighting. Caséta is also programmable for time clocks (think outdoor lighting, or vacation settings) and lighting scenes for times that you need multiple lights on to different levels for tasks such as food prep in the kitchen, or movie night with the family. Scenes can be pre-set, and made available with a preset in the app. Caséta is best for a small home 2,500 sq ft or less, and is limited to 49 devices to connect to the smart bridge. This includes dimmers (in-wall and plug-in), each automated shade, and any 3rd party device you may want to use with Caséta such as Sonos wireless speakers. For homes larger than 2,500 sq ft, we recommend speaking with us about Lutron RadioRa2 or HomeworksQS. You’ll find endless ways to use your new Caséta smart home system.
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