System Upgrades

Nowadays seems like technology changes faster than we desire. Advancements in Vehicles, Communication Devices, Appliances and most electronic related gadgets happen constantly and quickly.

Lighting Control Systems are not the exception and although some reputable companies have put their best efforts to provide new features and support legacy equipment, at the end of the day, result almost impossible nor practical or prudent for a manufacturing company to support or maintain 20+ year old systems.

Nonetheless, sometimes (and we mean “sometimes”) some of the old components may be reused or adapted to the new system, other times devices are simply not compatible and must be replaced. A quick assessment of your legacy system (i.e. LiteTouch, CentraLite, Homeworks Illumination, etc.) by one of our experienced technicians will suffice to provide you with a plan that will extend the useful life of your Lighting System for another 10-12 years before a new upgrade is needed.

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